This manuscript bridges the gap between science and fiction. Consider it a survival guide! The story tracks real people, places, incidents, situations, and events in a credible manner consistent with scientific anomalies. Humorous character driven development is intense and addictively appealing. You will become profoundly immersed in living personas, a driving story line, and intimate circumstances. Warning - don't even think of opening this book unless you have the hours to finish it!

You are about to embark on an expedition that will take you somewhere between reality to just this side of imagination. You will need to decide where you are at any point in time. Good luck!

Through a twist of fate, Steve Slattery, a seventeen year L.A.P.D. Investigator, recovers from a life of austerity and hardship as desperate arch-rivals become friends. A unique happenchance finds Steve entangled in a newfound relationship with Jane Lefebvre, a vivacious and forceful Allagash resident and school teacher.

Steve bonds with the self-reliant citizens of the Allagash to form a cohesive force against a horrifying nemesis unknown to them. The painful realization that Steve's renewed inner self, and those that surround him may be just a short passage, leads to an emotionally disturbing reality check for all involved.

Aliens in the Allagash is much more than science fiction. Realism is astounding. Find out how redemption takes the form of love and terror through one of the most compelling reads of any genre you will ever encounter.

If you request this novel, you will meet the Aliens in the Allagash!