Still Frame Compositions are the most common type of visual images used on the web.  They can be as simple or as complex as your imagination carries you.  Remember, you are trying to get somebody’s attention.  The image must focus the reader’s interest to your objective.  As you can see below, we have depicted a typical process used to consolidate source footage into a final composition. The original concept included all of the source images that represented the intent of an author’s book cover.  The final composition portrays the story line in a murder-mystery novel.

Aside from the basic static elements, you can see that a number of special effects have been used to create an eerie, foreboding ambience.  We structured the development process to combine all of these elements into a visually compelling image.  This is your objective!  Get your resources together, or at least have a description of what you might like to create.  Writers Media has extensive libraries and the technical means to create your showpiece.

Please consult the Home Page of this website for all the details you need to know.  This can be a fun process, but never loose site of the fact that you wish to create something compelling, not annoying.  Your objective is to attract and retain a potential client’s interest and instill a feeling of confidence that you are the one that this client wants to do business with.

One final note… Writers Media decided on a bold approach in the creation of this website.  The presentations are in your face and ears.  This was exactly our intent.  Our objective is to provide bold ideas that will inspire your imagination and creativity.  This type of approach works for us, for all the obvious reasons.  Your product objectives may be quite different and a lot more subtle, but with unique creative enhancements.  Take our concepts and run with them.  Let’s get this done, the Writers Media way!