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This is a summary of what Writers Media can do for you.  Creating high tech presentations is as exciting for you as it is for us.  This is why we take our work and your production needs very seriously.  This is not to say that it isn’t fun stuff to deal with.  Our informal competitive survey among our site viewers clearly indicates that viewers spend more time on our websites than most others.


Our site development themes and components are original, well thought out, and immediately draw curiosity, like yours.  This keeps your viewers wanting to see more of what makes your website the place that they choose to do business.  After all, what else is there that a new site visitor has to judge by?  Most web sites offer the traditional vanilla wrapper.  This can be a very effective presentation of your business goals; however the commonality does not bring you to the top of the deck.  Others are quite busy with special effects and superfluous content.  The website goals and navigation becomes obscured.


Our focus here at Writers Media is our Media Foundry, as we like to call it.  This is where we develop new Production Footage.  What is that?  Production Footage is a contained media presentation that can incorporate still photos, art, etc., animations, and most anything else including complex, high definition, presentation ready video creations.  Cruise through this website to discover how these design elements can be integrated into your website.

What makes us particularly good at what we do is a focus on the production component.  Many developers concentrate on database implementation, marketing products, and more.  These are important elements for a successful website.  Yes, we can do all that and manage your web portfolio.  That is 20% of our business.  If you want to attract and retain buyers, draw competition to your website, as we do, and raise your competitive edge to the top of the heap, then you need the other 80% of our business.  This is Production Design.  This is what makes buyers spend their money for your product.  This is where they become an integral part of what you do.  The production element, when properly orchestrated, creates buyer retention of your merchandise and provides a proprietary highway for your product venue direct to your consumer’s want list.  This can be a physical product or a service.  We find that website viewers inform others to visit our websites just to see the captivating media.


We offer extensive capability in pre and post production broadcast quality components for your website and media applications. Writers Media can integrate website-ready digital video stills and animations using your ideas and unique footage with our high tech processes. We can then provide these web ready compositions to your webmaster, or host your entire site. We can start with nothing or work closely with your current webmaster for these custom component upgrades.

We promise an exciting and affordable adventure that will have all your clients and friends talking about your website and media productions. Our design capabilities are extensive. These products will provide the web magnet that you need to dramatically increase traffic. It will provide the high quality presentation that reflects your business ethic and hard work.


We hope so!  The reality is, no.  But here’s what you need to know before making a commitment with us or anybody else.  If you previously had this information, perhaps you would have made a different decision, maybe?

Source files are created during the production process.  A single design element can have hundreds of source files representing the individual components of the production.  Some, of course, will be proprietary to you, such as logos, slogans, copyrighted documents, signatures, etc.  For another webmaster to host and maintain your production element, he must have all source files used during the creation process.  Some we can distribute and others are proprietary to us, as you may presume.  This would include audio clips, keyed video footage, and all the stuff that Writers Media is providing for your final media production.  If the production footage is not subject to change, your current webmaster will be provided with the production ready element for your website.  This scenario is half of the equation you must consider.
The other half of the scenario directs its attention to the capabilities of your website developer.  Writers Media uses the latest high technology industry standard software and production techniques.  This is a complex, high cost technology.  Our media products are compiled to the latest high definition standards as broadcast media.  We use many design applications in the development of a single media product.  Any other webmaster must also have the same industry standard software and then be fluent in its use.  This is a big nut to crack.  For our production design staff here at Writers Media, it’s not part of what they do, it’s all that they do.

So, are you stuck with us?  For production elements that are fairly final in their intent, no.  We provide many video and still products that become permanently integrated for use.  Writers Media, of course, is available for product maintenance, such as changing a catch phrase, picture element, audio score, etc.  We keep the risk minimized for you, as well as the cost.


The rules of the road at Writers Media are flexible to your needs.  The design process is not.  The reason we are rigid in design is because we have few options ourselves that won’t compromise your cost or quality.  This means that we will do anything you need within a reasonable scope of work, but please trust that Writers Media has the most cost effective methods already defined.

The design process encapsulates all of your desired elements and intentions.  This is where the rubber meets the road.  This is a give and take process that you remain an integral part of.  Once your product is defined, it becomes Writers Media’s responsibility to create your masterpiece.  This is the fun stuff that brings your website to life.

You need to pay attention to all of the prerequisite elements as defined in this website.  We have provided checklists, charts, and ideas that direct an ordered series of events for your creation process.  Please understand that when we grab the bull by the horns, the procedure defines the quickest road to your incredible product for the minimum cost possible. 


This may be hard to believe, but the ultra-high tech domain of Writers Media is Old School.  How many times have you heard, “we’re too busy”, “press 2 for a counselor”, “call back later”, and a thousand other lame excuses why you are so unimportant.  When you call here, you get a human.  Yes, we have business hours, but if your issue requires attention, consider it done...now!

Modern ‘Lean Business Processes‘, ‘Value Streaming’, ‘Six Sigma Business Proficiency Models’, and a host of other efficiency procedures won’t be found here at Writers Media.    Do we know what they are?  You bet!  We don’t want to go broke. We find that your product quality, cost, and delivery timeline is inversely proportional to how fast and lean we can produce it.  Simply stated, we don’t equate “quick” with “quality”.  It hasn’t happened yet.  It is what it is.  It takes thought and skill to make this happen.  It is our responsibility to deliver your product on time and in such a manner that your website goals and costs are not compromised.  We stay in business by simply keeping you happy and controlling a fair market price for your product. It’s kind of a lost art.  We slap ourselves on the wrist for dumb things.  We hope you agree?


We limit our customer base just as a good school limits its classroom enrollment.  We don’t bite off more than we can choke on.  A common misnomer is the ability to multitask, which to us means that no one thing ever gets done.  A computer processor multitasks by scheduling one thing at a time that gets its attention.  This is the Writers Media philosophy.  Every Writers Media client started out the same way.  They all open their introduction with “That’s what I want”.  We hope that you decide to investigate the Writers Media team.  We’d be proud to have you aboard!